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Our content team has put together some suggestions on how to make sure your new products look and sound as good as possible:

  • Spelling and Grammar Tips – We recommend using the Chrome plug-in Grammarly when you are completing your description to help make sure everything you write is clear to customers and mistake-free.
  • Product Name Tips – Good titles summarize what the product is, call out what differentiates it from other, similar products, and help the product stand out clearly on the search results page.
  • Description Tips – Make sure it makes sense logically and chronologically, and provide specific details about what customers can expect to see and do.   Use sensory detail to create a vivid picture for the customer that sparks their interest and imagination. Avoid clichés, hyperbole, and jargon, and keep the tone conversational and fun.
  • Highlights Tips – Highlights are a great place to incorporate keywords for SEO and call out the main selling points of your product.  The closer highlights are to 60 characters, the better they look on the site.  Try to incorporate specific place names and sensory details in your Highlights so that they are appealing and compelling. Tip: use “&” instead of “and” to save space.
  • Inclusions Tips – Make sure you’ve mentioned everything that customers get, and remember to keep the language short and simple for clarity.
  • Exclusions Tips – Make sure you’ve mentioned anything a customer might expect to have included that isn’t, and remember to keep the language short and simple here for clarity.
  • Know Before You Book Tips – Be very specific in this section. This appears on the website and is where you should put any and all essential pre-booking information—what a customer might need to understand about the logistics before making a purchase. Vague or incorrect content in this section often leads to customer complaints, refunds, and negative reviews.
  • Know Before You Go Tips – Make sure to include as much detail as possible here. This section appears on the voucher, and is for post-booking information—do customers need to get in touch with you after booking for any reason, is there anything they need to bring or wear, etc.  Accurate information in this section generally results in happier customers and more positive reviews.
  • Redemption Instructions Tips – Think like the customer here, keeping in mind that they may not be at all familiar with the area.  Provide all the information a customer needs to get to the meeting point—an exact address, where to go and how to get there, what to look for on arrival, etc.  Make sure that the meeting point or hotel pickup location in your Redemption Instructions matches the pin drop in the ‘Meeting Point’ address in the ‘Location’ section.

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Confirm any changes to content and media by clicking the ‘Publish’ button at the bottom of the page. Updates may take up to 5 business days to show on all Expedia Group points of sale.

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There are a few restricted content items which must not be included in your listing. These are:

  • Profanity: Swear words or inappropriate language will be removed from all content.
  • Not in English: All of our content needs to be entered in English to be sold on
  • Inaccurate or inadequate information: Incorrect descriptions, meeting points or street addresses or content which does not provide enough information to the customer will need to be re-written
  • Conflicting information: Avoid discrepancies in the information provided in your description and the logistical details in other sections, such as Redemption Instructions.
  • Incomplete Meeting Point: Check that you have placed the Map Pin in the correct location, that the address you have provided is correct, and you have only selected one meeting point in each redemption address section.
  • Plagiarism: The content you provide in your product description should be written by you and not plagiarised from a site other than your own.
  • Legal issues: Make sure content is in line with your contract and does not violate any trademark or copyright laws.

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Your content will first be published on the US Point of Sale so it should be written in US English only. If you would like to have your product translated into alternative languages after creation, please inquire with your Destination Manager directly.

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Our media team has put together some suggestions on how to make sure your new products look as good as possible on our websites:

More is always more when it comes to imagery.
Products with over 8 images are more successful than those with less. Images offer the ability to answer questions that product descriptions simply cannot. By providing a number of images, you are giving customers the visual information that makes it possible for them to make an educated decision about their purchase.

Tell a story through your image choices.
Try putting yourself in your customer’s shoes. Seeing people enjoying your product is a great way to make an emotional engagement with the customer, allowing them to visualize themselves having the same experience. This is called immersive imagery and the majority of your photos should feature this component.

Choosing the right money shot is crucial.
The hero image is the first thing the customer is sees of your product, so make sure it leaves an impression. Images offer an emotional connection which is often what converts a potential consumer. Choose a hero image which best represents the experience, is of high quality (focus on clarity of image) and is in landscape instead of portrait (width larger than the height).

If you have any queries regarding your image choices, feel free to reach out to your Destination Manager for optimization tips.

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Select photos that really capture the product’s main selling points. Photos that feature people, movement, and emotions are especially compelling.  Photos must also meet the following criteria for listing:

  • Landscape photos (width  exceeds height) are preferred, but not required
  • Images should have an aspect ratio of 16:9 (landscape) or 9:16 (portrait)
  • 1000 pixels or more on the longest side
  • Maximum file size is 20 MB per photon
  • No text (logos, phone numbers, maps, URLs, etc)

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At least one photo per product is required, but you can choose to upload up to 10 photos. We recommend at least 8 high-resolution landscape photos (where the width of the image exceeds the height).

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Videos are a great way of driving sales by giving the customer a better idea of your tour/ activity and what differentiates your product from the competition.

When you upload a video, it will appear after the hero image in 2nd position on the image carousel, as seen below:

To upload a video, please follow these steps:
• Go into the product listing (Actions -> Edit)

• Select Photos and Videos in the Listing menu bar

• You’ll find the video upload bar underneath the photos
• Paste the YouTube URL into the Video link bar and select Save Video.

• Once Saved, your Video will show as Status: Uploaded. The LX Content Team will review the video you have loaded within 7 days
• If the video meets our guidelines, it will show as Status: Approved on the listing and the loaded video will appear as the second position on the image carousel

What are the guidelines for uploading videos?
• Only one video can be uploaded per product
• All videos must be YouTube links and no other formats can be loaded
• If the video advertises booking on another website, it will not be accepted
• Advertisements must be disabled for the YouTube video and Expedia has the right to remove uploaded videos with ads enabled without prior notice
• The video can not contain any expletives and profanities

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