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All Ground Transportation (GT) services are managed internally by Expedia Local Expert. If you would like to make any changes or amendments to your GT products, then please contact your respective Destination Manager who will be able to assist you with range of queries related to bookings, hotel coverage, rates, content and much more.

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Your pricing can easily be changed using the Local Expert Partner Central (LXPC) Self-Service tool. For compliance reasons, once you create a price group the pricing will be locked, however you can update this whenever you please.

Watch pricing change video below:

Managing Products: Extending or Amending Pricing

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. From the Product list page, click on the ‘Actions’ link and select ‘Edit’ in the drop-down menu of the Product you wish to update.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Options list’ tab on the sidebar to view the pricing set up for this Product.
  3. Select ‘Actions’ then ‘Edit’ on the Option you’d like to change. Scroll down to the price group that is active and select ‘Actions’ then ‘Edit’.
  4. From here you can now choose the date you’d like this pricing to end. After you have selected a date, scroll down and click ‘Save and Continue’.
  5. You can now either select ‘Add a price group’ at the bottom of the page or clone the previous price group by selecting ‘Actions’ then ‘Clone this price group’.Note: Ensure the dates aren’t overlapping on your price groups as you won’t be able to save it. For example, if I have ended the previous price group on July 10th then the new price group must start from July 11th.
  6. After you have built your new price group with the updated pricing, click the ‘Save and Continue’ button to confirm the changes.
  7. Then click the ‘Continue’ button to send your updates onto the live website.

See ‘How do I setup pricing?’ if you’re a Local Expert Partner Central Self-Service beginner.

See ‘Setting up Volume-Based Pricing‘ if you define the cost of the Product by the number of people traveling, or would like to input minimum and maximum group sizes

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Training Video

You will be able to manage daily capacity using the Availability Manager service located in the Local Expert Partner Central (LXPC) Self-Service tool. This can be found by click on ‘Availability Manager’ in the drop-down menu in the right-hand corner or on your Product list page or on the sidebar if you are already viewing one of your products.

When your inventory is running low, rather than closing the date completely, you can reduce the number of tickets based on how much you still have left to avoid overbooking. If you are able to increase your capacity, then you can increase the inventory for a specific date. Step-by-step instructions are below:

  1. Click on ‘Availability Manager’ in the drop-down menu in the right-hand corner or on your Product list page to begin managing capacity
  2. Choose the product from the Product list (or All products if you want to view them all at the same time) you wish to modify the capacity for
  3. Select the specific date or date range you wish to modify the capacity for using the ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields
  4. To amend the capacity for the date click the hyperlink saying ‘Click here to override it’ listed under the ‘Capacity’ heading on the desired Option
  5. Change the number of spaces available to the preferred capacity in the ‘Capacity’ field
  6. Click ‘Update’ to confirm change to capacity

Note: If the selected Capacity Type for the option is ‘Free-sell’, the capacity will be automatically set to 100 spaces and dates can only be closed out completely. (See: ‘How do I close out a particular date?‘)

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If your ground transportation product no longer services a hotel, or has begun servicing a new hotel not previously serviced, you must let your Destination Manager know. They will then ask you to complete a new Hotel Association Document to correctly associate the hotels you service to the relevant Zone.

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You now have the power to load fenced promotions on your products to target millions of Expedia members, and valuable Expedia customers as you please!

Watch the video or read the full instructions below:

Managing Products: Fenced Promotions

Enjoy these benefits:

• Exclusive badging -> Make your activity stand out on the search result pages.
• Hidden deals -> These aren’t displayed to the public, so your market retail rates remain protected.
• Target a high-value audience -> Expedia members and existing customers convert on average 5x the rate as non-members.

By using this tool, you’ll be able to build promotions on your products with total flexibility. These promotional rates will only be shown to our 2 highest-converting audience groups:
• Multi-Item Purchasers: Customers that have booked another Expedia product. This applies to a customer that has booked a flight and/or hotel on Expedia.
• Expedia Members: Customers that have signed up to our mailing list and rewards program. This represents approximately 69 million travellers.

When setting up a promotion, you can choose to show your fenced promotion to either audiences or both.

There are 3 entry points into the promotional tool to choose from:

• Main Menu -> Promotions

• Actions -> Promote

• (Within Option List of any product) Actions -> Promote

Firstly, select the audience that this promotion is going to be shown to. You can choose multi-item purchasers or members only, or both together.

Then input the travel and booking dates that the promotion is valid for.

Choose the percent or amount that is going to be discounted.

Then select the Product(s)/ Option(s)/ Ticket Type(s). In this instance, I’m applying a 10% promotion to ‘Olly’s Tour’ on both the 9:00AM and 10:00AM options across all ticket types.

Finally, input the name of your promotion so you can track fenced promotional bookings in Reports. Please note that this is internal and so won’t be seen by the customer. In Reports, it will state whether a multi-item customer or an Expedia member purchased the voucher.

So now all steps are completed, you can then review the promotion and make any changes if required. Select ‘Create’ and then ‘Submit’ when it is set up correctly.

You can view and edit all active, de-activated and expired promotions in the promotional tool. Please note that you can only edit the travel and booking end dates of an active promotion.

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To ensure all reviews for your products are verified, customers are only able to post a review after a customer experiences an activity. Customers can either post a score as feedback or accompany this score with a written review.

This feedback can be tracked in LXPC Self-Service and will allow you to continue improving the quality of your products. Simply select ‘Reviews’ in the drop-down menu and you’ll be taken through to all of your written reviews.

They are categorized into a rating out of 5 and you can customize the review sort by arrival date (travel date) or date received (review submission date).

Note: Currently the ability to respond to reviews is not available, but it is coming soon!

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At this stage, we only have the functionality to provide the customer’s flight and hotel details on airport-to-hotel and airport-to-city-center transfer bookings (both one-way and roundtrip journeys).

If your transfer is to/from a cruise port, train station or a point-to-point journey the booking notification will not contain travel and hotel information. In these cases, it will clearly state on the Expedia voucher that the primary redeemer must call to reconfirm their booking with you and provide their accommodation/hotel details.

Additionally, all booking notifications contain the customer contact information, so you can reach out to confirm their hotel and travel times directly.

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