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As a minimum requirement, Expedia expects its contracted suppliers to meet all local, regional, and national requirements of their own country’s safety laws required in order to operate legally within their jurisdiction.

Expedia is also committed to promotion of high standards for consumer safety, and has developed the Expedia Health & Safety assessment program in conjunction with our outsource partner, Argent Health & Safety.

Expedia believes that the long-term commercial prosperity of the industry and our own organization is closely linked to increasing consumer confidence in all aspects of the integrity of our product, including safety.

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Customer health and safety is of the utmost importance to Expedia. To assist us in meeting our legal obligations in this area, we have engaged the services of Argent Health and Safety to assist in the management of the Expedia Health and Safety Program. As part of this program, we have asked Argent Health and Safety to conduct a physical inspection of randomly selected organizations at a mutually convenient time. This inspection will provide us with a better understanding of your policies and procedures and ensure that our legal obligations are being met in relation to the health and safety of our customers. If you have any doubt of the eligibility of the individual contacting you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Destination Manager for confirmation.

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