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You now have the power to load fenced promotions on your products to target millions of Expedia members, and valuable Expedia customers as you please!

Watch the video or read the full instructions below:

Managing Products: Fenced Promotions

Enjoy these benefits:

• Exclusive badging -> Make your activity stand out on the search result pages.
• Hidden deals -> These aren’t displayed to the public, so your market retail rates remain protected.
• Target a high-value audience -> Expedia members and existing customers convert on average 5x the rate as non-members.

By using this tool, you’ll be able to build promotions on your products with total flexibility. These promotional rates will only be shown to our 2 highest-converting audience groups:
• Multi-Item Purchasers: Customers that have booked another Expedia product. This applies to a customer that has booked a flight and/or hotel on Expedia.
• Expedia Members: Customers that have signed up to our mailing list and rewards program. This represents approximately 69 million travellers.

When setting up a promotion, you can choose to show your fenced promotion to either audiences or both.

There are 3 entry points into the promotional tool to choose from:

• Main Menu -> Promotions

• Actions -> Promote

• (Within Option List of any product) Actions -> Promote

Firstly, select the audience that this promotion is going to be shown to. You can choose multi-item purchasers or members only, or both together.

Then input the travel and booking dates that the promotion is valid for.

Choose the percent or amount that is going to be discounted.

Then select the Product(s)/ Option(s)/ Ticket Type(s). In this instance, I’m applying a 10% promotion to ‘Olly’s Tour’ on both the 9:00AM and 10:00AM options across all ticket types.

Finally, input the name of your promotion so you can track fenced promotional bookings in Reports. Please note that this is internal and so won’t be seen by the customer. In Reports, it will state whether a multi-item customer or an Expedia member purchased the voucher.

So now all steps are completed, you can then review the promotion and make any changes if required. Select ‘Create’ and then ‘Submit’ when it is set up correctly.

You can view and edit all active, de-activated and expired promotions in the promotional tool. Please note that you can only edit the travel and booking end dates of an active promotion.

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Customers are more likely to view, and consequently, book products that have promotional offers or discounted prices. The greater the discount you can offer on your products, the larger the impact you’ll see on transaction growth. Please use the promotions tool in LXPC to build your own promotions. Your public retail rates will be protected as these promotions are only shown to the Expedia customer (multi-item purchasers and Expedia members).

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The promotion tool is completely in your hands and so if you want to drive bookings at particular points of the year, or all year round, then build promotions to work with your strategy.

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Prices loaded with Expedia will appear on all selected points of sale worldwide. Promotional rates cannot be offered to specific markets, sites, or points of sale only.

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All questions on ‘Marketing Channels’

There are several ways your products are being marketed through your partnership with Expedia. Below are some examples.

Email Marketing

Expedia has a huge number of international visitors booking flights and hotels, and we tap into that massive potential by targeting our customers with emails explaining the wide range of activities we sell across the globe. We do this in twp ways:

  1. Newsletters – we send out regular marketing emails to the Expedia mailing list with information about activities and how to book
  2. Targeted Emails – when a customer books an Expedia product (flight, hotel, or car rental), we target them with emails at different stages of their journey to let them know about the range of activities in their upcoming destination

Newletters and Targeted Emails

Cross-Selling to Expedia Flight and/or Hotel Customers

Expedia leverages the huge amount of customers purchasing flights and hotels on the site to upsell activities and ground transportation. After a flight and hotel are booked as a package on Expedia, customers are prompted to view activities in the region they are travelling to. Additionally, after a hotel booking on Expedia, customers can view ground transportation that services that specific accommodation.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Expedia spends millions every year in search engine marketing on keywords in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We bid on the top search queries surrounding ‘things to do’ in order to drive traffic and bookings to our pages and to your products.

Key benefits for you:

  1. Increased marketing reach at no extra cost
    1. We represent partners across 60 unique websites, in 18 different languages
    2. You only pay if someone books
  2. “Billboard Effect”
    1. A high proportion of customers will book directly on your site (even after visiting Expedia)
    2. By being associated with Expedia, shoppers trust the partners we work with
  3. We bid on exact match terms and drive traffic to highly targeted pages
    1. We help to push your competitors lower down the results page and help preserve your brand


Global Brand Exposure & Distribution

Your products will be available on a multiple desktop and mobile sites, as well as in the Expedia, Orbitz, and Travelocity iOS and Android apps. Our reach is huge—we showcase our activities to a wide audience from across the globe, using some of the best-known brands in the travel industry.

By being associated with these popular brands, shoppers are likely to trust our valued partners. Your products displayed on up to 60 different points of sale, including:


You can read more about our expanding distribution channels on our Expedia Local Expert Supplier Blog.

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Expedia is committed to working with our partners to effectively distribute and market  your products, and that means working with you to present them in the best way possible. Here are a few ways to increase the visibility of your products, and therefore increase bookings:

High-Quality Imagery

Providing high-quality images for your activity is the best way to engage, inform, and convert a potential customer. They are the first thing that catches the customer’s eye, so good quality, compelling photos that represent the most important aspects of your product are likely to increase your conversion rate. For more detailed help, you can read our Local Expert Supplier Blog

Content Choices

Content is arguably the most important thing to activity consumers. Luckily for you, we have a talented content team who works on optimizing your products with the customer in mind. However, as the people who are doing the groundwork, you understand your product better than any of us could! When you provide us with content to complete new activities or are looking to help us improve the content on your product listing, be thinking about our ultimate goal: to help the customer understand exactly what it will be like to experience your activity. If you have any content questions, or if you’re interested in changing any content already live, please reach out to your Destination Manager. For more information on crafting great content please read our Local Expert Supplier Blog.

Regular Availability and Short Booking Window

Bookings on Expedia are for a specific time and date, so the more dates the product is available means the more visibility it has on the site, leading to an increased chance of being booked. Additionally, customers are often shopping for things to do while in-destination, so maintaining a short booking window means grabbing the attention of these shoppers. Overall, the more availability for your products you can provide Expedia, the better.

Early Rate Updates

The value of listing on Expedia is the universal reach we have through global distribution channels. International visitors tend to book their holidays much earlier than domestic visitors, so providing Expedia with your rates in advance increases the likelihood of capturing the attention of these shoppers. You can extend your rates at any time using LXPC.

Promotional Offers

Expedia prides itself on offering its customers the best available price, and the activities market is very price-sensitive, so special offers are certain to get shoppers looking at your product. We encourage you to reach out to your Destination Manager directly to discuss promotional offers or discounted prices.

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You may be contacted by your Destination Manager for specific promotional opportunities and marketing campaigns throughout the year depending on your product region. These usually center on a percentage discount or value add. If you are not able to offer such promotions on your products, please see tips and tricks for increasing product visibility  and social media exposure.

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If you are interested in paid marketing opportunities including banners or advertisements, you can read more information here.  Use the Contact Us tab to inquire, making sure to keep your Destination Manager up-to-date with any initiatives undertaken with the Media Solutions team.

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Expedia is always looking for high-quality, informative, and inspirational content to feature on our social pages. Whether that’s video footage, hi-res images, or compelling copy, your product is the backbone of the company, so we want to show you off!

If you have special discounts that you want to promote, content worth shouting about, or ideas for a blog post featuring your product, submit it to the Local Expert Social Team at Read more on the team at the Expedia Local Expert Supplier Blog.

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All questions on ‘Distribution & Translation’

Currently Expedia translates into 18 different languages for distribution across 60 unique websites. If you believe your products should be translated to appear on alternative points of sale, please inquire with your Destination Manager directly.

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It costs Expedia each time we translate a product into different languages, so we want to ensure the content is correct and appropriate at the time of translation. Additionally, changes mean the different point-of-sale sites show varying information until the content is re-translated.

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The languages Expedia currently translates into are the following:

  • Chinese (Hong Kong)
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English (UK)
  • Finnish
  • French (Canada)
  • French (France)
  • German (Germany)
  • Indonesia
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Norwegian
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Spanish (Mexico)
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Swedish (Sweden)
  • Thai

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While we appreciate you providing translated content, all translations to Expedia’s various points of sales must go through a standard process completed by our internal translation team. If you would like to have your existing product translated into alternative languages, please inquire with your Destination Manager directly.

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One of the benefits of listing with Expedia is our global distribution channels. Wotif (in Australia and New Zealand) is just one of 60 unique websites your products are available to be booked on. Please note the following valid brands Expedia distributes on:

AARP  aarp
Chase Ultimate Rewards  airasia
AirAsia Go  airasia
Alaska Airlines  alaska
Barclays  barclays
CheapTickets  cheaptickets
Ebookers  ebookers
Expedia  expedia
Hotwire  hotwire  hotels
Last Minute Australia & New Zealand  lastminute
Vacations by Marriott  marriott
MrJet  mrjet
Orbitz  orbitz
Travelocity US & Canada  travelocity
Voyages SNCF  voyages
Wotif Australia & New Zealand    wotfi

Familiarize yourself and your reservations team with the channels and vouchers to determine if the booking you have received is valid.

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