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  1. The customer selects and purchases your product on Expedia. All bookings are instantly confirmed once the customer proceeds with the transaction.
  2. Once payment is processed, the customer receives an email confirmation and online voucher.
  3. If the booking is made within the 72-hour booking window, you will receive an Instant Notification containing details of the product booked and the customer who booked. If the booking is made outside of the 72-hour booking window, you will receive a Daily Notification containing the same product and customer details.
  4. The customer completes your product and has a fantastic time!

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You are provided with the contact details of all customers who book your product and are encouraged to liaise with them directly after you receive the booking confirmation regarding any operational details of your product. If you have a customer-related inquiry you aren’t able to assist with, you can contact our Supplier Support Team by using the Contact Us link.

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You can process cancellations through our Supplier Support team by using the Contact Us link. If any of your products are no longer operational, you must contact your Destination Manager immediately so they can remove the product from the site.

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Your first point of contact for all customer-related or booking inquiries is our dedicated Supplier Support Team (operational support) who will be able to help you with the following:

  • Processing cancellations, rescheduling, and refunding requests
  • Providing copies of vouchers
  • Sending booking and/or arrival reports
  • Notification issues
  • Any customer-related issues
  • Rate updates
  • Accounting questions

You can contact our Supplier Support Team by using the Contact Us link. If your matter is urgent and requires immediate attention, please add in the subject line: URGENT.

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All questions on ‘Notifications & Vouchers’

As soon as a booking is made, details of this booking will be available in the Reports section of LXPC Self-Service Tool.

Some of the functionality available in the tool:

  • Search for bookings, cancellations, and customer arrival (travel date) information
  • Search for a specific booking using the supplier reference number
  • Search for a specific booking using a date range
  • Limited to 3 month to ensure you have quick access to booking data
  • Real-time booking updates
  • As soon as a customer submits a new booking or cancellation request, you’ll be able to instantly access their details
  • Download reports
  • Watch step by step tutorial on how to search for bookings below (and in alternate languages here): 

Full written instructions can be found below:

Firstly, Login to Local Expert Partner Central Self-Service.
Navigate to the ‘Reports’ function from the Menu on the home page.

Here you can run reports by selecting supplier reference number or date range.

Date Range Booking Report:

  1. Select DATE RANGE in the Search by drop-down-menu
  2. Select DATE TYPE option
    1. Status – displays Purchase & Cancellation
    2. Arrival – displays Arrivals
    3. Enter FROM and TO DATE RANGE
    4. Click Search

Note: The voucher for each traveler will be displayed on a separate line. For example: Supplier Reference Number 112245320178 has 2 lines for the vouchers 61718104 & 61718103.

Refining Results – Using Filters
You can also refine the booking results (based on date range) by expanding the section using the ‘Filters’ link:

Supplier Reference Number Booking Report

  1. Select SUPPLIER REFERENCE NUMBER in the Search by drop-down-menu
  2. Enter the supplier reference number (starts with 1)
    1. ebookers POS has one reference numbers so use Numbers starting with 7
    2. Make sure there’s no spaces before or after Numbers
    3. Click Search

Viewing Booking – Voucher Details

  1. Click DETAILS link for the voucher Results
    1. A pop-up-box will appear including all booking information

Exporting Booking Reports

  1. Click EXPORT link

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You should be receiving 2 types of booking notifications from us, sent to your designated email address(es)—Instant Notifications and Daily Notifications. Please note that any bookings that come through from Expedia are to be considered confirmed bookings. There is no need to reply back to the notification email or log-in on LXPC to confirm the booking.

Instant Notifications

For any bookings made within 72 hours prior to the activity date, an instant booking notification will be emailed to you from  Please see sample below:

Instant Notification

Instant Notification

Daily Notifications

Any bookings received outside the 72-hour booking window, you will receive daily booking notification email from Please see sample below:

Daily Notification

Daily Notification

Please note that the Valid Day on the report is shown as YYYY/MM/DD. For example July 10th 2015 will be displayed as 2015-07-10. If you have questions in regards to upcoming bookings please reach out to us by using the Contact Us link.

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All booking notifications will have the following details:

  • Product booked
  • Ticket Type booked (Adult, Child, Group, Vehicle)
  • Primary Redeemer name, email, and phone number

For airport transfer bookings, you will also receive the following additional information:

  • Airport and Hotel name with street address (pick-up and/or drop-off location)
  • Airline, flight number, flight time (arrival and departure information as needed for one-way or roundtrip bookings)

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There could be various reasons why you might not have received any booking notifications to your designated email address. The following are some steps for troubleshooting the issue:

  • Look up the customer booking details in the Reports section of LXPC to confirm it is a valid booking (watch step by step tutorial on how to search for bookings in your Training Videos section)
  • Confirm that you have provided the correct email address to your Destination Manager
  • Check your email’s Spam folder just in case it has been delivered there
  • Add the email address “” to Safe Sender List and/or “unblock image download” as shown below to ensure you receive our notifications correctly


For Outlook please refer to: unblock image download PC Outlook


For Outlook please refer to: unblock image download MAC Outlook

For Mac mail (if you are using an older version) please refer to: unblock image download old Mac mail  or for current mac mail: Preferences -> Viewing tab -> Check “load remote content in messages”


For Gmail please refer to: unblock image download Gmail 

For Hotmail please refer to: unblock image download Hotmail

Reach out to our Supplier Support Team by using the Contact Us link with as much detail of the customer as possible so they can re-send the notification to you.

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Below you will find a standard voucher that customers will present when redeeming their product either printed on or their mobile device. Please ensure you and your team members are familiar with their appearance.

Standard voucher

Standard voucher

All vouchers with logos from the below brands are valid:

AARP  aarp
Chase Ultimate Rewards  airasia
AirAsia Go  airasia
Alaska Airlines  alaska
Barclays  barclays
CheapTickets  cheaptickets
Ebookers  ebookers
Expedia  expedia
Hotwire  hotwire  hotels
Last Minute Australia & New Zealand  lastminute
Vacations by Marriott  marriott
MrJet  mrjet
Orbitz  orbitz
Travelocity US & Canada  travelocity
Voyages SNCF  voyages
Wotif Australia & New Zealand    wotfi

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All customers who book your products will receive a confirmation email with a voucher attached. They are able to download this voucher onto their mobile device to show as proof of purchase when redeeming their product. If you still require a printed voucher for the customer to redeem their product, please reach out to your Destination Manager. An example of our mobile-friendly vouchers can be seen below:

Mobile voucher

Mobile voucher

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