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Expedia Local Expert has been collecting reviews since 2015, and to ensure that they are all verified customers, we only give customers the invitation to provide feedback on your products following redemption. After completion, guests receive an email with the option of reviewing your product through a score rating and adding written feedback which is tagged to your product listing. When a sufficient number of reviews* have been received, this score will show next to your product on the search results page. The higher the review score on your products, the more attractive your product will be to the customer!

Find out how to track reviews for your products through LXPC Self-Service.

*Note that with the number of websites and languages the Expedia Group lists your products on there is no set rule for the minimum amount of reviews needed to show on each site. Our team continually measures how our customers interact with the review section of our sites and adapts constantly to ensure optimal consumer satisfaction.

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To ensure all reviews for your products are verified, customers are only able to post a review after a customer experiences an activity. Customers can either post a score as feedback or accompany this score with a written review.

This feedback can be tracked in LXPC Self-Service and will allow you to continue improving the quality of your products. Simply select ‘Reviews’ in the drop-down menu and you’ll be taken through to all of your written reviews.

They are categorized into a rating out of 5 and you can customize the review sort by arrival date (travel date) or date received (review submission date).

Note: Currently the ability to respond to reviews is not available, but it is coming soon!

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